There is a consensus among businessmen of all regions: the high tax burden is responsible for hampering Brazil’s competitiveness. Municipal, state and federal taxes and charges are levied on raw materials, different industry sectors and even on payrolls.

Unfortunately, businessmen who generate employment and manufacture products that are consumed by the Brazilian population end up facing very high tax debts. In many cases, payments in installments authorized by legislation are not enough to solve the situation of such companies that struggle to pay the installments.
Moraes Jr. Advogados Associados Law Firm developed the legal argument of tax rescheduling, which allows businessmen with high tax debts of any nature to pursue their business operations free from any objection derived from the mentioned pending matters after judicial approval is granted by the Judiciary and by the applicable Attorney General’s Office.

Find below the main aspects covered by our Tax Rescheduling Team:

  • Rescheduling big debts: the company commits itself to honor the tax liability posted as collectible pursuant to its financial situation.
  • Great success in using legislation provided for in the Code of Civil Procedure, in the Tax Foreclosure Law and in other criminal-related legislation.
  • The company’s financial situation and fiscal debts are analyzed, always in compliance with the principle of proportionality. The offering is made to the creditor (Public Treasury), which assesses the conditions and the term is then subject to judicial acceptance.
  • Provided the payment is made in due course (on the agreed date), the tax execution in progress might be suspended, the negative entries at Serasa (consumer reporting agency) and the overdue liabilities certificate might be canceled, while eventual criminal procedures in progress might be suspended, all pursuant to legislations in force.