The CLT (Consolidation of the Labor Laws, the Labor Code) is responsible for unifying labor-related legislation in Brazil and counts 70 years of existence as of 2013. In view of the debate about the easing the norms, companies need constant legal support, which can be provided by highly skilled lawyers.

That is why Moraes Jr. Advogados Law Firm counts on a qualified multidisciplinary team that is ready to provide counseling in all labor areas through Litigation or Advising.

To make the service complete, the legal assistance also comprises services of other professional areas, such as informatics, accounting and occupational health and safety.

Below, we highlight some services we provide in connection with Labor Law:

  • Advising regarding the application of labor, union and social security legislation.
  • Legal counseling on the preparation of documents.
  • Preventing legal consulting for human resources department.
  • Assessment and management of labor liability.
  • Representation in collective bargaining.