Most of the companies in economic and financial crisis, throughout their activities, certainly did not review their management parameters. In many cases, this eventually led to a mismatch in its activities and generated high indebtedness, both from the tax sphere and those related to bank liabilities and debits with suppliers; which culminates in the loss of the financial cash of the companies, which are unable to honor the commitments agreed upon.

Moraes Jr. Advogados is specialized in assisting companies that face serious financial problems, enabling a variety of solutions and aimed at providing a favorable environment for the Strategic Business Management of its clients, favoring the prevention of possible obstacles, and presenting solutions that leverage the strengths and minimize the risks inherent in some of the internal operational processes.

One of the safe alternatives to reverse the economic-financial problems of the companies is the Judicial Recovery, by which it is possible the complete transformation of the crisis picture presented by the company; bringing to the businessman an honorable and dignified alternative to pay the accumulated liabilities.

In this context, Brazilian Law 11.101 / 2005 – Business Recovery and Bankruptcy Law, provides protection to business activity, while favoring and sustaining the different social aspects arising from this, whether it is the maintenance of jobs, or the good ordering the market.