Prior to entering into a contract or adding a strategic partner to the business, administrators and entrepreneurs are faced with several questionings and management-related doubts. To avoid that such questions become eventual problems in the future, there is a primordial aspect that guarantees the financial health of companies: qualified legal counseling.

Moraes Jr. Advogados Associados Law Firm uses all of its enterprise knowledge to ensure excellence in the corporate area, making it possible to assist national and international clients with investments in Brazil.
Know more about the activities carried out by our Corporate Law team:

  • Counseling in corporate-related subjects.
  • Planning, establishing and structuring associations, corporations and foundations.
  • Authorization to implement and operate foreign corporations in the country.
  • Corporate transformations: acquisition, merger, incorporation, spin-off and holdings setup.
  • Preparing and providing guidance to meetings between partners, administrators and counselors, as well as general meetings.
  • Assisting the drafting and the conception of agreements and by-laws, amendments to agreements and statutes, shareholders’ agreements, powers of attorney, minutes and other corporate documents.