In a corporate environment that is increasingly competitive and features lower profit margins, it is important for companies to rely on legal counselors engaged in preventing and fighting against corporate fraud, among other activities.

Working to defend companies and their representatives, as well as raising awareness against corruption in organizations is part of the plurality of knowledge of Moraes Jr. Advogados Law Firm.
The following Corporate Criminal Law-related activities should be highlighted:

  • Strict standards of ethics followed in the prevention and fight against corruption pursuant to international rules.
  • Counseling and defense in investigation or procedures resulting from charges against money laundering, crimes against intellectual property, crimes against the public health and administration, tax evasion, occupational accident, crimes against the environment, crimes against relations of consumption and violation of copyright, among other examples.
  • Defending the interest of companies subject to fraud or property damages performed by employees or third parties.
  • Monitoring and training in anticorruption corporate programs.