The drafting and negotiation of contracts entail several dilemmas, whether they are civil or commercial. For instance, one of them takes place when the agreement includes clauses that are prejudicial to one of the parties, which is only perceived in the course of a transaction.

In order to avoid similar problems and guarantee your company’s safety, Moraes Jr. Advogados Law Firm relies on a qualified team. Attentive to business moods and trends, the experts in this area accumulate market and academic experience.

Know other aspects of Contract Law:

  • Full counseling through litigation and consulting assistance in the execution of safe agreements.
  • Assessment, drafting, review and adjustment of terms provided for in different types of contracts and agreements, such as sale of goods and real property, mortgages, pledges and surety, as well as distribution, supply and agency agreements.
  • Electronic agreements (internet and e-commerce), media agreements (advertising, entertaining and sports), among others.
  • Legal assessments ranging from business feasibility to future risks.