São Paulo, 03/08/2001: the merger of ideals and values driven by legal service rendering excellence led to the foundation of the Moraes Jr. Advogados Law Firm in the capital city of São Paulo.

Specialized in Tax and Company Law, the firm relies on the experience of its partners – Odair de Moraes Jr. and Cybelle Guedes Campos –, in addition to a multidisciplinary team that has been prepared to provide the clients with integrated support.

Every conflict submitted to professionals working for Moraes Jr. Advogados Associados Law Firm is subject to thorough analysis, allowing for flexibility in the presentation of solutions aligned with the needs of investors and entrepreneurs.

“We are aware that only the support of professional experts enables optimized and cost-saving follow-up, which translates into answers and solutions that are proposed in an effective and prompt manner”, lawyer Odair de Moraes Jr. affirms.

Through the areas of law covered at Moraes Jr. Advogados Associados Law Firm, such as Corporate, Labor, Contract, Real Property, Criminal Corporate and Tax, it is possible to grasp the capacity, the knowledge and the experience of its legal body.

The firm operates in the company sector for 17 years, having built a strong brand under its name, which is composed of a team featuring high skills and market knowledge.

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Value to the partner

Under all circumstances, every member of Moraes Jr. Advogados Associados Law Firm’s team considers the client as a strategic partner, fostering the reciprocal sharing of benefits that arise from a balanced commercial relationship.

“These benefits can take several different forms, ranging from client assistance, drafting of reports and opinions, up to clearing up doubts via online follow-up”, lawyer Cybelle Guedes Campos highlights. “Moreover, we strive to understand our partner’s needs, gaining knowledge of the business he or she developed prior to offering tailored solutions and propositions”, she added.

Aiming at providing legal services that are dynamic and comprehensive, the firm operates nationwide through correspondents based in every state. The partners benefit from standardized service since the excellence is ensured in all locations.

In order to make the solution compatible with the interests of each company, the office invests in two essential elements: strictness and effectiveness in the rendering of legal services. The merger of these principles brings about sound and beneficial partnerships.

Ideals and values

Our vision

To be a national reference in the rendering of legal services driven by excellence and high quality standard, contributing to the enterprise market’s expansion.

Our mission

To fulfill the legal needs of entrepreneurs and investors across Brazil, ensuring sound commercial partnerships in several areas of Law by means of owned firms and highly skilled professionals.

Our values

Respect to the Neighbor: valuing professionals, partners and collaborators.
Principles of Ethics: grounding personal and commercial relationships on ethics.
Unity: merger of thoughts, actions and targets in view of the same objective.
Excellence: Rendering of high quality legal services.